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We strive to provide stellar waste management services to your property and residents with a service as simple as residents leaving their trash at the door. We will improve the cleanliness and convenience of waste removal for your property and also help to reduce your total waste cost for your property, adding a supplemental stream of income to your property, that can be used to increase your management budget. Leave it At Your Door Waste Valet is sure that we can make the best contract for services to fit the needs of your tenants and your property. 

Leave It At Your Door also offers cleaning services! We offer Home Basic Cleans for $200+ based on the square footage

Deep Cleaning and Move Out Cleaning begin at $375

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We provide services for properties located in the Colorado Springs area who want professional and efficient valet waste management services for your property and residents. This is an effective way to expand your amenities and provide a more convenient approach to your waste management needs.    

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Leave it At Your Door charges only $10 per unit. Most of our competitors charge on average $15 or more per unit! For example, a property with 300 units would save $1,500 a month, saving the property an additional 18,000 per year! (Tenants would pay $15 a month But L.I.A.Y.D would only be paid $10, leaving $5 from each tenant for the property). This also is great to recoup any loss of monies from exiting contracts from previous partnerships. Also, if you sign up for one of our multi-year contracts you will also be able to benefit financially from each unit


We use your current waste facilities (dumpsters and recycle bins) along with 5 gallon waste containers (provided by Leave It At Your Door) for all tenants (standard size for location) to remove all waste. Night pick-ups, 5 days a week by uniformed employees that ensure every unit is serviced in a timely and professional manner. We inform all residents that trash is to be set out between 7 pm and 9 pm, to make sure all units are serviced by Leave It At Your Door. Also, to ensure that breezeways remain well maintained during property business hours. All dumpster areas will also be cleared of all debris and clutter. All items to be recycled must be in a dry bag.


We also take care of all your hauling needs. For example, mattresses, chairs, couches, tables, televisions, etc. Prices vary depending on load size.


Our competitors are charging on average $18,000 more per year. Since they are large companies they are not able to focus on servicing your needs with the utmost professionalism and quality. Leave it At Your Door a small business with BIG VALUES! You're not just another property, you are almost family!

*Our prices range from one to two percent of rent. Prices may vary due to discounts or negotiations.

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